Your favourite rooms or furniture rendered into art

An artist's rendition of a living room, Anne Harwell

Anne Harwell

An artist's rendition of a living room, Anne Harwell

Talented artist Anne Harwell has the above Etsy giclee print in her Etsy shop and I recognised the source of inspiration! I dug it up from my inspiration files (it is also featured on Domino Mag‘s archives). Photographer Paul Costello (Nov 2005) took photos of this gorgeously decorated and planned living area decorated by Sara Ruffin Costello.

An apartment decorated by Sara Ruffin Costello for now-defunct Domino Mag

Living room, decorated by Sara Ruffin Costello

I’ve always loved this apartment. The result is a marriage of classical furniture and a funky palette of sea-foam blue, split-pea green, chocolate and yellow.

ANYWAY. I love the ART interpretation of this room! Check out her other pieces.

Kimberly Applegate

Kimberley Applegate's interpretation of Anthropologie's Astrid chair

Via Casapinka I found Kimberly Applegate on the Daily Painter Gallery and am IN LOVE with some of her Anthropologie interpreation artwork. If Anthropologie won’t come to Australia, I guess I can try to be happy with the Cleo or Astrid upholstered armchairs artwork. USD $100 each.

Kimberley Applegate's interpretation of Anthropologie's Cleo chair

25 June 2007



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    26 June 2007

    you seriously have to stop letting people in to my holiday homes taking pictures and stuff…

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    9 August 2011

    I adore watercolor illustrations of interiors, and these are wonderful!!


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