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Pantone's Colour of the Year 2009. The brilliant happy mimosa

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2009: The brilliant happy mimosa

I used to despise yellow. Up until 2005, I hated yellow. I still have an aversion to pale versions of yellow…. not vibrant or happy enough for me :)

In the 90s, I remember the rage of aligning your personality to the seasons (and therefore, the colour of clothes that best suit you). I remember being an Autumn. I only wore and liked browns, deep reds, ochres, dark greens…

But I think as I’ve grown into myself, became an adult and solidified my character (and continued to harness my strengths and work on my weaknesses), I realised that actually, I am very much a sunny and optismistic person.

I love yellows, oranges, pinks (another colour I hated growing up), greens, blues… all in its vibrant shades, none of its pale, insipid versions.

As we wait for baby #2’s arrival, I cannot help but dream of yellows again in the nursery.

I am LOVING the brightly painted sideboards/drawers. I had considered a bright watermelon red before but the yellow draws me! Oh it draws me!

Yellow nursery with bright yellow curtain, via BHG

via BHG

My darling Hannah who is now 7 was unpacking her books the other day to put into her new bedroom. She was busily dividing the books into two piles and then she came out proudly and lovingly kissed my belly bump and told her sibling that “I’ve put aside books for you”. I have looked for a book display shelf like below for baby #2 :)

Hanging book display, via Project Nursery

Hanging book display, via Project Nursery

Pity this is AUD$1499 but I simply adore the simple lines, low armrests and comfy, rocking action of the Monte glider in YELLOW! Offered in Australia here. (First one on left)

Monte baby rocker, via buy modern baby

Monte baby rocker, via buy modern baby

Given the room’s already purple and yellow… maybe sticking with vibrant yellows, whites and blacks might be better!


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    5 May 2013

    Love yellow in nurseries!!! I especially love those chairs.


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