Yellow gardens and courtyards

The plain backyard of our rental

The plain backyard of our rental

In the face of the bushfires in the Blue Mountains as recently as last week, I’ve been trying not to shutdown from panic and stress. The nearest fire was only 5kms away and during a very very unusually hot spring (41ºC/105.80ºF mid last week!). My husband made sure we evacuated from the Blue Mountains as directed from the authorities and Firies. We put together two changes of clothes for everyone, and packed 3-4 boxes and suitcases with our most treasured belongings.

It was hard leaving my home (and husband, who stayed back to work and defend) with still 80% of our belongings that I have spent years curating. I had to remind myself that my family were with me, husband was still safe, what we couldn’t replace, we brought along. Everything else, had to be forced into the category of “REPLACEABLE”. I had to remember to take deep breaths every now and then.

Thank God, nothing happened to our particular area within the Blue Mountains as yet… and we drove back that night without issues. But it was still harrowing having to be forced to select which to leave and which to keep. I mean, there was no way of bringing along my favourite furniture pieces!

Right now, the lawn is brittle, brown and dry. Ripe for the burning.

I am trying to see tomorrow in this.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.
-Audrey Hepburn

So I take comfort in turning my mind towards my gardens & courtyards.

I have yellows everywhere in the house. An armchair, a lamp, a tray, bookends, cushions, bedsheets, clocks… bright spots in the house reminding me of “HAPPY”. The allure of “HAPPY YELLOW” for me hasn’t faded. It remains my favourite colour, a vibrant beacon of hope and sunshine.

When my lawns and gardens green up, I’d love to have bright happy yellow spots around.

Maybe some yellow outdoor stools:

I really like this idea. Paint a “yellow brick road” path:

Yellow stamped path,  Legacy Emanuel Children’s Hospital Garden, Portland, via Healing Landscapes

Yellow stamped path, Legacy Emanuel Children’s Hospital Garden, Portland, via Healing Landscapes

Fairly simple to do ourselves. Hannah has seen Judy Garland’s Wizard of Oz enough times to appreciate where the yellow brick road comes from, which is nice.

I suppose you could also do the same with vintage yellow tiles…

Simplest (and often, cheapest) way to add yellows to the garden is via furniture.

My pretty yellow Colebrookdale setting with my outdoor white cane setting.

Our yellow garden setting, via this post.

We had a yellow Colebrookdale garden setting in our home in Victoria years ago but when we moved, our friends pleaded to be able to babysit them for us. I miss them but I’m glad they’ve gone someplace loved. They would have been perfect though!

Very easy to replicate though. Second hand garden settings are widely available on eBay.

Paint an outdoor facing wall yellow!

Bold move.. but big impact!

Bright yellow wall, via Ms Rumphius' Rules

Bright yellow wall, via Ms Rumphius’ Rules

And if we can afford it, a large garden structure like a garden arbour or a gazebo or swings in yellow really brightens up the garden…

Gazebo made from yellow doors, via Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club

Gazebo made from yellow doors, via Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club

That’s a really good way to use old doors… for a handy man, that project would be easy! Tutorial included.

Yellow wooden swing!, via Dutch Country Furniture

Yellow wooden swing!, via Dutch Country Furniture

And of course, with flowers! But these are seasonal and ever changing! I need something more permanent.

Stay tuned for further updates.

27 October 2013



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    I have just finded your site and enjoy each article. I admire your talent.


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