Whimsy Press’ Mums the Word

Whimsy Press Mum's the Word canvas print

I’m not afraid of bold colours or art pieces. I find it adds such big personality to your rooms.

I have often said that just because one’s room is small, does not mean that one’s furnishings and art should be small. Nothing says “small” like a small, lone print in a small room. Nothing says ‘small’ like 2 uncomfortable, spindly chairs around a small dining table. Sounds miserable, actually!

Can you picture this in a small bedroom on the long wall?

Whimsy Press Mum's the Word canvas print

How rich and glorious! I really love Whimsy Press’ Mums the Word stretched canvas. The wall art is a new addition to the gorgeous Whimsy Press products.

Stretched canvas 11″ x 11″. That would be a great one to have in any room (bar bathroom). I’d love this in my living area. But at US$155 (not inclusive of shipping) that’s a bit much for me.

13 June 2007
15 June 2007



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    13 June 2007

    Oh, these colors are just wonderful. Maybe you could do something yourself?

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    14 June 2007

    mmmm… dunno… bleh. i’m not that good! but something along those lines, perhaps… i’ll think about it.

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    Another Shade of Grey

    14 June 2007

    Those colors are beautiful.

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    Another Shade of Grey

    15 June 2007

    If you can draw, you can paint. I’m a firm believer that painting is easier than drawing. :) Just try it.


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