What you can do to add pizazz above you!

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Mar 6 2007
om home painted ceiling in bathroom

I really love what someone in Montreal, Canada did to her bathroom ceiling. Adds so much of a POP to the space!

om home painted ceiling in bathroom

Might just do a great wall decal on the top! Often we leave out the ceilings in ignorance (or budget!) but once you add a touch of something special to your ceiling it can be so unique, make your cookie cutter home totally yours.

design inc ceiling

Or perhaps play with moldings like interior designer Tommy Smythe on design inc. did with a lush bedroom makeover? You can just see it at the top right hand corner of the room.

(Can’t get a great close up of the ceiling but I did see the episode.)

What about this other one, via Flickr in Chicago.

Molding on ceiling

Or paint the ceiling a contrasting colour.

Or stick glow in the dark little stars on the ceiling. My hubby did that as a child and it still looks rather surreal! For children’s rooms it’s a real joy to switch off the lights at night and see the stars “light up”!

Or put objects on the ceiling, like Red 8, a Wynn restaurant who’s put up place settings on his ceiling! via Flickr.

Blue and white plates on a red ceiling

Or for the over-the-top look, copy the work, albeit SUPER DAUNTING, that is at the Library at the Empress!

Empress Library Ceiling

Tea room at Empress.

Empress Tea Room Ceiling

Whatever you do, don’t go painting clouds on the ceiling, looks real tacky! We stayed a few years ago at a friend’s rental and the landlord had painted soft white clouds on the ceilings. It was very very tacky.

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