What will you take with you?

If you had 60 seconds, what would you take {from your home}? If your apartment was on fire… what would you take?
– Declan from Leap Year (2010).

Today we had an extremely hot summer day. Husband’s multimeter tracked our back porch at 46˚C (114.8˚F). Near 150 bushfires across our state.

Last night, in preparation for any emergency evacuation (we live in the Blue Mountains… which is surrounded by flammable gum trees!) we had to gather all our most precious belongings.

The agreement I reached with the husband was that if my most beloved items were gathered PRIOR to the emergency siren, then it could come with us. I.e. I was not to be running around gathering said items WHEN the siren happened. At that event, I was to be able to jump into the car with ready-packed boxes and suitcases in 5 minutes.


As I walked around our small home, I became increasingly agitated at having to pick and choose what to take and what to leave. Documents, china, books, jewellery, sentimentalia, paintings, photos, clothes…

How does one pick?

When one pays so much attention to how one’s house is put together… 80% of non-perishables are … ‘loved’ and ‘cherished’!

The insurance companies say that home & contents insurance will replace items “like for like”… but really? I mean, I spent a long time looking for the perfect dining suite… or my beloved white china cabinet… How will they replace items like that?

If push came to shove… what would you pack in your evacuation-car?

16 December 2012
10 January 2013



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