What type of boudoir are you?

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Apr 27 2009
White french boudoir with pink accents, via the Beach Studios.

It’s been a lovely lovely rainy weekend (we need it). And as always, my thoughts turn inward: who am I? And on my head is the topic of dressing tables/boudoirs.

We all need a spot to place our beauty jars, perfumes, pretty hair things, brooches, rings, earrings, nail polish.

Items on a dressing table, via <a href=

Daron Chatz” width=”400″ height=”572″ class=”size-full wp-image-4691″ /> via Daron Chatz.

And depending on our lifestyle and personality, we all need different “boudoirs”… (i.e. dressing tables). This isn’t a discussion of colours or size, but the style and type of boudoir matched with our needs.

Some of us need a pretty with capital P (and capital P for price)

Lucite boudoir in a pink room, via now defunct Domino

via now defunct Domino

French dressing table in a soft muted colour space

Glass kidney shaped dressing table

Others need a simple furniture piece

Beautiful dressing table

Beautiful dressing table

Others have the need for drawers and drawers

Mirrored dressing table in dark brown room

Others like things hidden in drawers

Mirrored dressing table with two drawers

Vintage dressing table

Some of us who can afford it like a dedicated dressing alcove

Some of us like it in the bathroom!

Boudoir in bathroom

Miss Blythe putting on her face, via rockymountainroz @ Flickr.

Miss Blythe putting on her face, via rockymountainroz @ Flickr

My boudoir style

While I would LOVE to be the sit-down-and-pretty-up-in-a-nice-dedicated-table-on-a-yellow-and-white-stool-type… I realise I’m not that. I’d rather stand at my dressing table, put a face on, put on some earrings and a brooch, slip my rings on and be done.

All in about 10 mins. Less. Maybe 5 mins.

But I still like Pretty.

So I repurposed a pretty white cabinet I got off eBay 2 years ago that used to be my craft cabinet and then bookcase.

A white cabinet much like the one in this gorgeous bedroom…


I’m really happy with it. It doesn’t need to overflow with makeup or perfumes or brushes. For now, my few bottles and things are enough for me. My trays of earrings and bracelets are all I need.

My dressing table area

My dressing table area

One day I might become a sit down one… like at Miss Pettigrew…

Amy Adams as Delysia in Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day

Amy Adams as Delysia in Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day

… but for now… my little white cupboard will do me just fine.

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