Wannahave: Blue wallpapers in the living room

Peacock blue and green and whites for the living room

In the previous post, I mentioned how excited I was (not sure why, maybe it’s the validation!) to find out that Nicole from Making it Lovely chose a rich green wallpaper for her dining room AND is considering teals in wallpaper for her entryway.

Our rented home is on the market and we are working to own it… shhhhh. I have had over 16 months to dream up colour schemes, lighting, furniture layout and renovations to this place.

I can’t wait to paint the entire home white. To signify a starting over. But in a living room and dining room that don’t get streams of natural light, too much white isn’t really flattering. Some colour is needed. And what I’d like to see in the living room is COLOUR:

I’ve kinda got the green light from the husband to replace these now-ten-year-lounges with sexy yet comfortable green lounges.

Again, here’s the layout of our rented home:

My home plan 2014 @bijoukaleidoscope

One day, we replace the wall facing the blue line in the diagram above create an entire wall of windows and French doors to let in as much light. But till that one day much further down the track, repainting the entire room in a brilliant white will have to do. (And this glorious wall of deep blues.)

Standing from either pink stars, I’d like guests—family and friends—to be able to enjoy the blue wall. Whether it’s sitting on the lounges (star on left) or walking in from the entry (star on right).

When our pockets are able to take it, one of these beautiful blue wallpapers. For now, it’s going to either be a grasscloth blue like the inspiration photo above or a rich blue paint job.

My standout favourite is the Moonlight Meadow Blue by Ellie Cashman Designs:

Moonlight Meadow Blue by Ellie Cashman Designs

Moonlight Meadow Blue by Ellie Cashman Designs

I think it will work a treat in this space, actually, because there is loads of whites and paler blues. And the scale of flowers is large, which I do like. I have found myself veering away from wallpapers with very repeatable patterns way back; preferring the large scale patterns.

But in terms of deeper blue wallpapers, here are my few choices:

This is always a popular, sweet blue wallpaper with pinks and reds and whites and greens, from Pip Studio.

Pip Studio wallpaper, via <a href=

Wallpaper Direct” class /> Pip Studio wallpaper, via Wallpaper Direct

It’s too youthful for me, though. I have loved all the Pip Studio range of wallpapers and towels and china for so long, but these last two years, I’ve realised my preferences maturing somewhat… going for richer, darker tones.

Like this Frontier Tropical Birds in blue by Cole & Son:

via Cole & Son wallpapers

Frontier Tropical Birds wallpaper in blue via Cole & Son

It’s a little dark though…

I love the blue and gold and whites in this beautiful wallpaper by Macchine Volanti by Cole & Son Wallpapers:

Macchine Volanti by Cole & Son Wallpapers

Macchine Volanti by Cole & Son Wallpapers

But I’m not liking the motif for the living room. For a boy’s bedroom, sure!

Herons Crayford by G P & J Baker, via Wallpaper Direct

Herons Crayford by G P & J Baker, via Wallpaper Direct

I do like the Herons but the blue isn’t all the rich enough for me.

The Marlowe Floral in Prussian Blue, via Decorator's Best

The Marlowe Floral in Prussian Blue, via Decorator’s Best

While the blue is darker, the other colours are too muted for my liking. I do like the above motif though. Wish it came in more colourways.

Montacute Malleny Wallpaper by Nina Campbell, via Osborne & Little

Montacute Malleny Wallpaper by Nina Campbell, via Osborne & Little

The blue is too black.

Picky, I know.

St. Antoine wallpaper in BP948 by Farrow & Ball

St. Antoine wallpaper in BP948 by Farrow & Ball

I love this but it is too delicate for what I have in mind.

Now this I do really like:

Just the right blue and big enough flowers that it doesn’t look too wallpapery. I haven’t been able to find this swatch used in an actual room, though.

Blue and white wallpaper in the old Bush home, via Washington Post

Blue and white wallpaper in the old Bush home, via Washington Post

Glamorous 46762 by BN Home Wallcoverings

Glamorous 46762 by BN Home Wallcoverings

This one’s a nice one. A real contender :)

So’s the a href=”http://www.fermliving.com/webshop/shop/wallpaper/family-tree-wallpaper.aspx”>Ferm Living one.

I have no idea who designed this but I’m liking the strong flowers, the birds and the blue.

ALL wallpapers blog posts need to have a de Gournay mention! They come in almost every shade and they are so beautiful. Of course, Gracie wallpapers have to always have a mention too.

Cathay Pastoral in blue, via American Blinds

Cathay Pastoral in blue, via American Blinds

So many gorgeous rich blues.

I can’t wait to be able to order samples and see how the blues in the wallpapers react to the light or lack of in our living room.

The ugly brown windows

I have also been thinking about our current windows. They’re simple, non-descript windows. We have to have these ones or replace them with like for kinda-like because this house faces the Australian bush, so the windows need to meet safety fire standards. But no reason I can’t paint the inside trim/framework!

So many window frames are being painted white. But I’ve noticed how gorgeous black window hardware and trim are. They really frame the outdoors so well. I remember watching a Colin & Justin show (think it was either their beautiful Cabin Pressure series or their Home Heist series where they say that black better frames the view outside. And I’ve come to agree.

Check out this example, photographed by Lucas Allen:

The black almost fades away. Now, check out a window with white trim:

via here

Or in red:

The white and red (and other colours) stand out too much. Black, however, it somehow blends into the outdoor view. Especially if the window trim/frame isn’t too thick (like ours). And especially if the outdoors is green and lush. We are lucky in that the outside is a bush outlook which is so beautiful.

I can’t wait to start painting, start selecting wallpaper, start replacing our lounges with these gorgeous green ones.

Blue, green, whites and blacks with pops of yellows and golds. That’s the plan! (For now.)

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