Vintage brooches: collecting and displaying

Loving vintage brooches, via Flickr: lovesmenot.

Loving vintage brooches, via Flickr: lovesmenot.

I’ve started collecting vintage brooches. I now have 2 and this is slowly growing. I am keen on finding a way to store it at the same time as displaying it.

I Flickr-ed for some inspiration and I came across these:

The easiest way is to pin them to a bulletin board. That way, all your brooches are displayed on the one surface, which means you can see them all in one surface.

Displaying them in a pretty pink footed bowl or urn.

Using vintage brooches on vintage mannequins (without them scary heads!). I’m not a real fan of this because the mannequins need extra floor space. They also mean that you can’t see all the brooches in one hit. You got to turn them around to select one.

A wire frame to hang behind your door or on the wall…

A column of vintage brooches, must be made of foam. Again, you can’t see everything on the one surface.

A wire framed mannequin used to hang to display brooches.

Plastic sleeve pockets, via Flickr: j9.

Plastic sleeve pockets, via Flickr: j9.

Plastic sleeve pockets. Not a bad idea. Not a pretty display though.

Most of the methods above mean that you have to do plenty of dusting. Which I think is unnecessary. So the search continues for the perfect solution.



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    10 June 2008

    Fabulous- I would display any of those as artwork. Are you going to be able to part with any after such pretty displays?!

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    11 June 2008

    such good ideas! i would never think to display them as art!

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    12 June 2008

    hi tracey :) i LOVE these images too! makes me oh-so-happy! they’re not my own brooches, i’ve only got 4 at the moment!erin, I KNOW!but i’m collecting all these ideas for when we move into our new place and how i’ll best store/organise my gear :)

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    12 June 2008

    those are really exquisite..i just found your blog and i love it!!trade links?

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    19 June 2008

    I have always been a fan of vintage brooches. The first photo with the brooches made into a heart look so neat. I had a few pics on my blog where a lady made a mirror out of all her vintage jewelry and brooches. It was very elegant. Have a good day! Daisy~

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    30 July 2008

    I saw once where someone used the vintage pins like wallpaper in a powder room. I will need to look for the photo to send you.

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    30 July 2008

    I have about 90 plus vintage pins and broaches. However, I am extremely peaky about how I display them. If you pile them up like the second picture they will get broken. I have mine in a jewely shadow box. — love the picture of them in a heart.

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    30 July 2008

    izzylu that sounds kinda neat! but in aussie-land this might mean fiddly dusting!!!i’d be picky too about how i’d keep them! i only have 5 but they are growing… and i too keep them in my treasured jewellery shadow box :)90!?? show show!


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