Unusual centrepieces

White china grouped as centrepiece with pink roses

You will excuse me if I only start talking about things that might have been around the design blogworld for a month. I only just treated myself to my some of my favourite magazines, a whopping 3-4 times the cost in US.

In Blueprint Sept/Oct 2007, I was very inspired by their article on perpetual centrepieces. I particularly like Blueprint because their design features are very achievable by us poor folk those with not-so-deep pockets.

The first centrepiece featured was by visiting Asian groceries and purchasing some like-patterned china bowls. Here you can get some for a few dollars, very achievable. Sticking craft wax on them (or blue tack) in upside down configurations makes them instantly pieces of art. Nice!

Group of identical bowls

Via Blueprint Magazine

The third centrepiece would suit modern folk… I can think of no less than 4 glass-and-steel fans who would love this idea. Collaging square/rectangular blocks of wood and ivory candles and carefully placing just a few glass/acrylic balls in some spots.

Painted wood blocks grouped with glass balls and candles

Via Blueprint Magazines

The last centrepiece is my favourite: Gathering similar coloured pieces of china together.

White china grouped as centrepiece with pink roses

Via Blueprint Magazine

Am attempting to use the above idea for my black dining table. Personalising it, of course. Luckily I already bought some gloss hot pink ready to transform something. Now it’s time to gather.

As I thought more about how simple and striking centrepieces would be, these were my other inexpensive ideas:

Arranging similar-coloured beauty products

(Creams, shampoos, scrubs, perfumes). (Melbourne, Australia based cosmetic range, absolutely BEAUTIFUL stuff, Sohum). Great for beauty product parties (kinda like Tupperware parties).

Group of similar cosmetics or beauty products, e.g. Sohum - great for Amway or makeup parties

Arranging porcelain teacups and saucers in the middle with tealights in them.

Teacups as votives as centrepiece

Better if the teacups are slightly translucent, like the Shelley range.

Thanksgiving: arranging orange-hued candleholders with tealights in them.

Beach house: buying some coral and driftwood and spray painting them in striking colours

I’m liking white and hot orange, or white and black now.

Dinner party: surrounding copper-coloured baking/jelly moulds (upside down) with simple tealights.

Apartment: succulent garden with colourful displays of flowers in rectangular glass vase.

Bridal shower: mini mannequins with a vintage op-shop-find brooch on each one, one for each guest!

Dinner party: arranging coloured glasses/vases according to one colour/theme. Shorter pieces rather than taller.

Spring celebrations: filling white glasses/cups with sand and sticking a cherry blossom sprig in the middle

(or any blossoming twig from your garden).

Going away dinner: a melee of vintage and inexpensive model cars, Vespas (LOVE) and bicycles on a mirror-turned tray

Dinner party: gathering similar and unusual vases

(think milk-glass bottles, hobnail vases and oil lamps)

Milk glass / coloured bottles as centrepieces

Bridal shower: filling vintage perfume bottles with coloured water (use a plastic syringe or straw)

Baby shower: purchase some vintage and old biscuit tins of diff sizes/shapes from op-shops and paint them a glossy colour

They make useful storage for mum-to-be.

2 October 2007



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