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Mar 7 2007

Tom Gibbs has some really cool, vintage mid-century pieces! Not really cheap either, like this Flip Top Walnut Desk by Lovig Dansk (1970). Only for US$2800.


One of the most beautiful things about pieces made in this era are the mechanisms. My father owned a concertina sideboard that was his pride and joy. The last time we saw it was early 1980s (he had to sell it) but that piece stuck in my mind. It always amazed me that the entire concertina mechanism was created in wood. It was all wooden. And yet, the door moved so smoothly. It was a lovely golden, warm teak.

Much like the one below:

Tom Gibbs Studio Tambor Chest 1950s Tambour Front Gentleman’s Chest

A gorgeous pair of 1930s Moderne Chests. I would LOVE these for Hannah’s bedroom. But I think I can pass up on this to put the $9500 on our home savings.

Tom Gibbs Studio moderne chest

How cheery does this pair of floral upholstered 1960s armchair set look? A pair for only $2400!

Tom Gibbs Studio 1960s armchair

How this would fit into any room is a question for the masses. It looks such a happy pair, but I’m not sure if I could make this work. Could you? What would the space be like?

Tom Gibbs Studio high back armchairs

I would love this pair of warm coloured and highly elegant and comfy looking lounge chairs in the lounge! $2200.00 (plus shipping all this and above to Melbourne!!)

And comfortable too!

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