To taxidermy or not to taxidermy

We went to a new antiques store in Mittagong, NSW and the store was full of very very expensive (and very very old) taxidermied beasts: birds, squirrels, bears, tigers, crocodiles. Some boasting from zoos in the UK from decades past.

I walked away less than impressed with them. It was truly in your face. Sure, they’re life sized, sure, they’re as real as it gets, but somehow (and sadly, even) I like my animals alive – and in a tiger’s case, roaming free.

But it got me thinking about taxidermy.

What is your take on taxidermy?

Funky good or funky bad?

Myself, I have always found taxidermy art disturbing… The aim, after all, is to stuff only what is rare and beautiful. Hence, making it more rare, instead of pumping the available cash into conservation and replenishing the numbers on earth. I mean, it would make sense selecting animals that are a pest and abound too muchly. But how many of us dearly want a stuffed mosquito or cane toad or cockroach or rat?

I have tended to walk quickly away from anything stuffed.

I’m not sure what’s changed.

I am starting to like the idea of a beautiful but remote stuffed bird in the home.

Maybe it was seeing this stuffed pheasant in Sarah Richardson’s farmhouse‘s beautiful, warm and fresh dining room.

Sarah RIchardson's farmhouse dining room

The Dining Room at Sarah Richardson’s Farmhouse

Maybe it was because you *couldn’t* see it up close. It wasn’t eye level.

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse; dresser in dining room

Dresser in dining room

Since then, stuffed feathered lovelies have been lurking in the depths of my mind.

But maybe a different large beautiful bird: a peacock.

(I’m working my way to having a pair as pets too, one day!)

Now and then, a stuffed coloured or white peacock will pop up on eBay Australia for a couple of thousand dollars.

And yet, the question begs…

To Taxidermy or not to taxidermy?

Let’s be inspired!

Beautiful blue peacock in a white living room

Blue peacock in a living room with teal blue accents

Blue peacock above a blue Smeg fridge in a grey kitchen

Blue peacock above a blue Smeg fridge

Btw, have you seen how spectacular a white peacock is??

A beautiful white peacock

A beautiful white peacock

And in these rooms they shine!

A beautiful white peacock in a wood lined corner

A beautiful white peacock in a taupe dining room

A beautiful white peacock on a bedroom nightstand

What is your take?

To Taxidermy or not to taxidermy?

4 May 2011



  1. Reply


    2 May 2011

    i think shooting peacocks just to stuff them is plain cruel especially jyust to make a house look "nice". if they die natural deaths fine. otherwise, it's just wrong. Almost like the idea or thought of taxidermy on humans

  2. Reply


    2 May 2011

    yeah i agree. i'd prefer them alive!!

  3. Reply


    3 May 2011

    wow, taxidermy is gross. sorry, but in my book it never turns out looking anything but tacky.

  4. Reply


    3 May 2011

    No top Taxidermy!!!Silver MLM

  5. Reply


    3 May 2011

    Oooh, looks like I'm the odd one out…I love taxidermy! Perhaps it is a matter of what one is used to, as well, seeing I have known people who hunt deer and, as well as eating the meat, mount the heads as trophies.I have always been fascinated by taxidermy, though…reminds me of visits to the museum! If you are interested then I am sure you can find a reputable source who only sells "found" specimens.However, if you are worried about offending people then I would steer clear of taxidermy altogether, as it does seem to dredge up some pretty strong feelings.

  6. Reply


    6 May 2011

    hi sred, you know i have learnt one thing: people have strong feelings about taxidermy!i find it very creepy actually, knowing that a taxidermied animal used to be real. i don't mind it when people hunt to actually eat the creature (out of need). i find it appaling when the creature is hunted merely for game and trophies.yes, i'm not sure if i ever could succumb to buying a taxidermied anything, but these beautiful peacocks look so good on a pedestal!

  7. Reply


    10 May 2011

    No. Please no to taxidermy

  8. Reply


    4 March 2013

    Taxidermy is just beautiful!! Of course we should use the animals found dead, and thats the only place i buy….but STOP with the double moral….if i was an animal i would prefer to be all beautiful and standing in a home, rather than being tourtered, slaughtered and minimized in someones stomach!!


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