To paint or not to paint…

That is the question.

For a few months now I’ve been set on a rich blue, green and white palette with pops of yellow and gold for our living room redo. I’m writing this in hopes of us being able to purchase this home, of course. Otherwise it’s all moot.

At the moment, it’s a mere jumble of taupes, creams, dark browns and antique white furniture. Some, I’d like to keep. Others, meh.

I’ve complained so much about our large taupe lounges that the husband doesn’t want to hear it anymore. But he’s agreed to eventually-soon get new lounges. Hopefully, green ones.

The sad, dreary cream walls will be painted a nice white. I can’t wait to go get sample paints of whites (and completely befuddle the husband when I say which white?) to get the right ones.

Uma Thurman and Colin Firth, The Accidental Husband

Uma Thurman and Colin Firth, The Accidental Husband

Colin Firth’s strait-laced character, Patrick: The *mumble* white is stylish, but um, I just think it’s been done. But it’s not as common as the *mumble* white, which is safe, but I just think it’s a bit boring. You see, the Navajo white is bold a bit, sort of in-your-face white.
Uma Thurman’s character, Emma: I don’t know, um… they all look the same to me.
Patrick: Hmm! In what way?
Emma: In that they’re all white.
Patrick: Yes, but different. I mean, wildly different.
The Accidental Husband


Back to the plan. My gorgeous large antique white china cabinet is staying put, but will work well with the new colour scheme. Our recently procured antique entryway sideboard will go nicely adding character and interest to the space, along with my new-to-me white and blue lamp. The other dark furniture is needed for book and toy storage; and will go nicely with our black piano and colour scheme.

What then?

Well then. My conundrum is our existing TV unit. It functions kinda well enough and still looks great, but I bought it 9 years ago when I liked the shabby chic, provincial, rough-edged look.

The existing toy storage basket

The existing TV unit in a previous blog post

But ever since looking for beautiful spaces with blues, golds and greens, I cannot seem to get this vignette out of my head:

I love the rich green console/sideboard/credenza against the blue and white wallpaper. The console itself is beautiful too, in its restraint. There’s no carved or ornate bits allowing instead the pattern of the wallpaper to lend it texture and contrast. Also, our existing TV unit has glass and open shelves, allowing a view of clutter. Whereas, this credenza above has uniformed closed doors, hiding all manner of clutter inside.

I’m wondering if I should paint my existing unit green or sell it to someone else who might like it the way it is. Or hunt for something similar to the console above and paint it that lovely green.

Or. The Stockholm Sideboard from IKEA and switch the handles to something more glamourous, like Nic from Making It Lovely did with her entryway sideboard. I’m not sure how much the Stockholm costs in USA, but it’s AUD$700 here in Australia. I think for that price, maybe I can get solid wood furniture from eBay or Gumtree and paint it a super nice gloss. mmm.

Decisions! Suggestions?


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    Aleen Coslan

    5 October 2015

    Thanks for the tips you share through your blog.


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