The Plan for a home office

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Jan 23 2007

i have been almost obsessed with how to set up a better home office. requirements are:

1. needs to share space with a guest bedroom
2. needs to have space to store my supplies and books
3. needs to be able to share some desk space with husband’s work computer
4. needs to have enough space on desk to work with scissors, paper and glue
5. needs for the bookcase/storage units to be glassed (not free-for-dust-to-collect)

my style: vintage, chic and funky. i fancy wallpaper!
my budget: um. not much.


Neal Zimmerman & Associates have this really cool desk, has some classic feel with a floaty keyboard and mouse section! quite funky huh?

Pottery Barn has this corner unit. The Bedford Home Office is quite the storage answer too! But not enough free space…

Another Pottery Barn answer is the freestanding unit as a desk. The Bedford Project Table looks like a good deal too. Pretty simple to create. Just a platform on two short bookcases.

I have always loved the ladder idea for storage but the dust! This is very appealing. (Also easy for anyone to build for me!)

In the bedroom I’ve always loved a small writing space. (I’d have to get a new bedroom with heaps more space too, of course)

This one is classic and I love the colour (black!). But doesn’t allow for people to work at all sides.

In a small space, furniture that has two functions is always necessary. This one has storage and added workspace. Also on castors which means you can easily slide in or out. But not good with carpets.


I like this! But not tall enough.

This one’s fairly tall and quite good for all types of storage requirements! Don’t real like the veneer. Prefer either black or white.

Choices, choices.

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