The Makings of a Set

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Sep 23 2007
Johnson Bros Heritage White

Some years ago I enjoyed my first cheese n’ cauliflower bake at my then-boyfriend’s aunt’s. This ardent home decorator and vintage furniture dealer lived in a charming 1920s art deco two bedroom apartment in a small block of just 4 units in exclusive St Leonards, Sydney. Her unit overlooked a pine forest and then the sea.

But it wasn’t the envious furniture she had, or her cheese n’ cauliflower bake recipe, or her pretty decor stuff that has stuck in my memory. It was her Johnson Bros White Heritage dinner set. I remember wanting a set myself after that. It was clean, versatile, elegant and felt well-made. I didn’t want something round and plain and modern.

Since then, my mum-in-law and I have been trying to gather a dinner set for 8 without spending top dollar.

Johnson Bros Heritage White

Johnson Bros Heritage White

I see that The Shopping Sherpa has also set herself a challenge to own a complete Maxwell & Williams dinner set via op shops, second hand stores and eBay. On her blog (bottom left menu) she records how many items of the set she scored and the cost it took her.

Whenever I go to my favourite second hand and op shops, I always keep a lookout for the Johnson Bros pieces. So I am thinking of recording on my blog my challenge too.

I will say, after waiting for some other person to buy them for weeks, I scored 7 teacup sets today at Salvation Army for $25. Think I’d like to collect a set for 8.

My Johnson Bros Heritage White collection so far:

  • Dinner plate: 6
  • Soup bowl: 1
  • Tea cup: 7
  • Saucer: 10
  • Dessert plate: 4
  • Bread and butter plate: 8
  • Milk creamer: 1

Are you curating a collection?

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