The Aussie Shampoo. What gives?

The Aussie Shampoo brand line of products

i dunno if this will ever (hope NEVER) get to Australia, but here in Canada, we’ve been seeing this ad (view on website). A hair product line called Aussie. I mean… huh? Would you buy a shampoo called “USA”? or “The Chinese”.

The Aussie Shampoo brand line of products

It’s an interesting choice for a brandname. Even more interestingly is that this brand is not sold here in Australia!

21 February 2007
25 February 2007



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    22 February 2007

    .. ha ha..i think i used that before. i can’t remember what i thought about shampoo in particular. is it made in australia?addie

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    23 February 2007

    no it’s never heard of there. i don’t think it’ll do really well. it’s like selling “the Chinese” shampoo in China!??!?

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    24 February 2007

    This has been around for YEARS. Seriously, I used some of this in…let’s see…1984. Yep! Just like Irish Spring soap – nobody in Ireland has ever heard of it.

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    25 February 2007

    wow really!? the ad made it sound totally new :) i can’t believe it’s lasted this long :) hehehehe(and proof that it hasn’t landed on Australian soil!)


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