The I love Your Blog Award, awarded to me by Fashion Hayley

One of my faithful readers tagged me with a I Love Your Blog award! Thanks Fashion Hayley!

The I love Your Blog Award, awarded to me by Fashion Hayley

The I love Your Blog Award, awarded to me by Fashion Hayley

The rules:

  • 1. The nominated is allowed to put the picture on their blogs.
  • 2. Link to the person who awarded you.
  • 3. Nominate seven other people and link to them.
  • 4. Leave a message on those people’s blog to make them aware that they’re nominated.

Okay so it’s my turn to award this to some others…

I have heaps of blogs I love reading but I had to pick just seven…

I hand this award to:

I was also tagged by Fashion Hayley to do

Six Random Things about Me

  • 1. When I’m upset, I clean seldom-cleaned spaces, like kitchen cupboard doors, tops of cupboards and cabinets.
  • 2. I can’t stand my pens used by someone else. I know it’s anal… it’s creepy… but all my pens have to be just mine. My fear: I hate my pens dropped.
  • 3. A good chair makes me weak at the knees… one can never have enough of them either.
  • 4. I love chocolate, but only dark chocolate… and never chocolate on its own, but I like it over fresh fruit or with nuts. (And not raisins or dried fruit…)
  • 5. I have too many collections. And I have more I want to start… but I need to cull my addiction.
  • 6. When I drive, I add up digits/numbers on the plates of every vehicle coming/passing me. And I give myself 2 seconds to add them up. I can’t stop this.
3 December 2008
5 December 2008



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    5 December 2008

    I chew my pens, which is why I can’t stand other people using them, because invariably they start chewing them too.

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    5 December 2008

    hi pieter, well you know it’s actually not the chewing i mind … it’s the dropping :P

  3. Reply

    Making it Lovely

    5 December 2008

    Thanks Drey!

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    5 December 2008

    Thank you, Drey — I’m honored!http://morewaystowastetime.blogspot.com/2008/12/thats-random-tagged.html;-)Leah

  5. Reply

    la la Lovely

    7 December 2008

    Thanks, Drey.. how very sweet of you! Hope you are having a great weekend.. I’ll pass this along sometime next week!xx Trina


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