Symmetry and asymmetry in the bedroom

Symmetry in a pink and red bedroom with cross chandeliers

I keep looking for bedside tables on eBay and bedside lamps for our bedroom. Due to the space constraints in our bedroom, I can’t have large bedside tables.. would love to have a larger one on my side to store books/tissues/water bottle/vase/lamp/notebook/pens… you know, the standard bedside table accompaniments heheh And a smaller one for my husband who needs… a few books, an alarm clock and a lamp.

But I also like the idea of a symmetrical bedside table & lamps between our bed. Maybe it’s because we can control that symmetry and order in the midst of a chaotic and uncontrollable life.


Symmetry in a grey and green bedroom

Symmetry in a purple bedroom

Symmetry in a black and white room with blue accents

Symmetry in a dreamy bedroom with dreamy fairy lights

Symmetry in a pink and red bedroom with cross chandeliers


Asymmetry in side tables and lamps

Asymmetry in side tables but table lamp heights and artwork are symmetrical

Asymmetry in side tables but table lamp heights and artwork are symmetrical

Asymmetry in side tables and table lamp heights

Asymmetry in bedroom with different side tables

Beautiful gold and black bedroom with symmetry and asymmetry

Do you have symmetrical bedside tables and lamps?

14 August 2007
21 August 2007



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    Nicole | Making it Lovely

    18 August 2007

    I love symmetry. I don’t mind if the lighting is at the same height and the tables are different though (like the last and third-to-last pictures).My bedroom is symmetrical.

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    Another Shade of Grey

    20 August 2007

    I used to have symmetrical bedside lamps, but I am an asymmetrical person. For the last 7 years I have went asymmetrical in the bedroom and I hate it! Within the next year I plan to redo my bed and bath and I will definitely go with symmetry on either side of the bed. I just think it looks neater and gives a sense of order, which is something I need when I go to bed.

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    20 August 2007

    yeah symmetry is certainly attractive. bedside tables and lamps are so darn expensive! i so wish i could make great pieces of furniture myself!but that last pic is attractive since it doesn’t matter what side tables i get and will still look rather symmetrical!

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    22 August 2007

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    30 August 2007

    When I decorate I always have to have things symmetrical. If its not balanced, I freak out!!!!! I hate being that way. Sooner or Later I will do a room where I will challenge myself. The one photo, 2nd to the bottom, with the two lamps that end up the same height doesn’t bother me as much…. kinda like that one. :)

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    21 January 2012

    i'm sorry i have no idea what bedding that is! looks great though!


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