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May 22 2014
Tree Stump Tables via A Beautiful Mess

Our bedroom also functions as my home office corner. I spent quite a bit of time sitting here today getting some work done. It is always beautiful sitting in this side of the house (every bedroom has a “side of this house” view and are lovely areas to be in during the day). The autumn sun, the fallen leaves, the bush outlook, the tiny wren birds hopping around, watching our dog Pippa run and prance around dragging her bum on the ground… make these days absolutely beautiful.

Yesterday, however, we had a giant tree mulcher and some angry-sounding machinery share that until-then-tranquil area. A large gum tree branch had fallen across two houses that share our “bush outlook” and the insurance claims had gotten through. Arborists and mulchers had been hired.

CON: NOISE for 8 hours.

PRO #1: A large mountain pile of tree mulch. I might go get some for our garden beds.

PRO #2: They also left many large tree stumps. That reminded me of this great DIY project by A Beautiful Mess to turn stumps into elegant, rustic side tables:

Beautiful stump tables via A Beautiful Mess

Beautiful stump tables via A Beautiful Mess

(If I could be bothered.)

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