So thankful for…

Going into 2009 things are changing for us again as a family. Can’t talk about it too much here, since nothing’s concrete. We might be moving interstate, across the world… or staying put…


But I wanted to take a moment to blog about the small things that I take for granted…

1. I’m so glad the rubbish collector comes every week.

I know this is fairly duh in the twenty-first century, but it’s great that someone comes and carts away our unwanted trash. The used tissues, the shopping dockets, soiled nappies, garden, kitchen and bathroom refuse… all gone, every week. Gives me great pleasure pushing back to the courtyard my just-emptied rubbish and recycle bins every Wed morning!

2. Until now, we’ve always lived in spaces that were far too small…

… and desperately lacked space and storage. I’m so thankful for our new home, that it has the space to contain us… my until-now disliked lounge sets don’t dwarf the room now. They are not the prettiest but they are darn comfortable. And because we now have a large living area, they don’t dominate the space!

3. This is the first time we enjoy a spacious master bedroom

Now we can very comfortably (with space to boot!) have Hannah’s cot in the same room whilst keeping an eye and ear out over her nasty bout of eczema (violent scratching and mulching up of limbs). Although she is now back in her own room, I do miss hearing her breathe in sleep.

My dusk pink rose

My dusk pink rose

4. I’ve always wanted fresh cut flowers in my home.

And of course, I’ve always wanted roses. Real bunches from the florists were always a luxury that had to give way to milk or nappies or towards the train tickets to work. My yearnings eventually gave way to some faux roses. (Which, let me assure you, are now eBay-gone!) Now in our own home, the previous owners had left us about 15 rose plants! I enjoy now fresh cut roses from my own bushes! And have the garden to plant more flowers, trees, put down roots.

5. Recycling better

Growing up, the extent of recycling meant reusing single-side printed paper (which I still do till today for EVERYTHING we print. I get my sister to collect unwanted printed paper from her work for me to use!). I’m so thankful that today, I have a bin that collects tin, glass and paper products that I know gets recycled, instead of filling wastelands.

6. My pink Kitchenaid Mixer.

Not because it’s a kitchen status symbol or because it’s pretty, but because we have been blessed enough to be able to afford all the other way-more-essentials for the kitchen… that we can then afford a Kitchenaid mixer.

7. Funnily enough, I’m thankful for weeds.What are your seven simple, yet oft-taken-for-granted elements of your home that you are thankful for?

3 February 2009



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