Small report… and encouragement from the lovely Ashwell

My new home office area

When you have chosen and bought the house you want, it is important to take a little time to look with an open mind at what is now yours and make an effort to shed preconceived ideas.

Rachel Ashwell, The Shabby Chic Home, 2000.

This is me.. taking my time (and battling a cold).

Whilst a busy day today with work, daycare and more work stuff, I got 2 hours to do some alone-me-me-me rare time. What turned out to be a hassle with work, allowed me two visits to a factory outlet (LOVE!) and Salvos.

Steal of the day:

$160 lamp for $19.95. Without shade so I’m looking for a bold yellow shade…
$60 gorgeously green covered casserole dish for $12.95. Lid is a VERY SLIGHT different green from the bowl.
$25 for a footstool… been looking for one for my desk chair for yonkers… due for a small DIY project soon.

Three out of my eight lamps are shade-less… I’m “taking my time” with their shades.

Tomorrow… I plan to crack open some yellow enamel paint.

At my desk… planning. (At 11.54pm)

My new home office area

My new home office area

(Pardon the messy cords, the ugly blue footstool pre-DIY… taking my time…)

9 August 2008



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