Shades, oh shades

Antonangeli's Stars chandelier in rose

*hearing a jingle in my head*

So the house is about 95% finalised. I am very excited (and nervous at the same time!!!!!). So I’ve been shopping around for pendant shades/lighting since I dislike the ones already in the vaulted ceiling living room.

Our new living room sneak peek new home 2008

Our new living room sneak peek 2008

I wrote about pink shades recently and I would love to be able to splash $3500 on lighting in the form of my favourites, the Star from Antonangeli.

Antonangeli's Stars chandelier in rose

Antonangeli’s Stars chandelier in rose

But since the rich phase has not hit me yet, and I desperately wanted to replace the wrought iron things with something else, Ikea’s white Knappa will do fine at a FRACTION of $3500. Got 2 for $40 each! Yay for Ikea!

Knappa chandelier from IKEA

Knappa chandelier from IKEA

Made a little moodboard for the living room (yes, already!).

This is what I see in my head: (Chocolate brown for room paint!)

The plan for my new living room

The plan for my new living room

Might go darker a chocolate paint.

23 May 2008


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