Sally Bourne’s Tiles

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Mar 23 2007
Sally Bourne nature ceramics tiles

I have always been creatively aroused by nature. I am constantly in gaping awe at simple beauty: a shell, a flower, a feather, a sparrow (my favourite bird), lilac, the skeleton of a leaf, autumn foliage… Nature’s offering is abundant in sensate experiences and I have always been keen to somehow display and preserve that beauty. But not being exposed to opportunities to make that a reality in childhood, I have had to just be happy with memories.

Sally Bourne nature ceramics tiles

I stumbled on Sally Bourne’s GORGEOUS tile work a while ago and have kept that magazine just for her work. Now in the throes of spring cleaning I decided to do away with bulky magazines and keep pages instead. So I have rediscovered her GORGEOUS work. Sally Bourne makes the best tiles around. Simply coloured and glazed in pastel colours, her tiles are impressed with items from nature: leaf, seahorse, cross section of pear, peas, duck, chilli, starfish.. fishbones…

I really like her work!
Sadly only available in UK.

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