Rugs I love. Rugs I want. Rugs I have no money for.

Bev Hisey's yellow and white tiled moroccan rug

Our place is carpeted. I used to like it. But now, I know for sure what I want in our place. But the landlord will have a problem with me tearing the carpet up and laying down floorboards.

When we finally buy our own place, I’d be painting all my floorboard with the darkest stain possible: black. And putting down these gorgeous rugs.

Esprit's purple passion rug from Decorug
Espirit’s Purple Passion
Decorug store, Sydney, 02 9684 3272
170 x 240cm $799
200 x 300cm $1179

Vixen Blossom rug in luscious black and red floral rug from Designer Rugs
Georgia Chapman’s Vixen: Blossom 1
Designer Rugs
200 x 300cm

Bellavista climbing rose rug in deep pink and whites
Bella Vista’s Climbing Rose Red
Designer Rugs
200 x 300cm

Bellavista Glebe flower rug in reds, pinks and whites
Bella Vista’s Glebe Flower Red
Designer Rugs
200 x 300cm

Bella Vista Bangkok Flower Cherry Red Rug, red on red
Bella Vista’s Bangkok Flower Cherry Red
Designer Rugs
200 x 300cm

Bev Hisey's yellow and white tiled moroccan rug
Bev Hisey‘s Yellow Moroccan

Blue and floral rug
Apple Rugs‘s Chelsea Blue Rug
170 x 240 cms ~ 5ft7 x 7ft 11 (£289.00)

4 November 2007



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    4 November 2007

    love love love the vixen blossom and yellow morrocan… *sigh* i wish i had hardwoods so it would give me an excuse to buy such gorgeous rugs! someday!!

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    4 November 2007

    yeah i know! we got carpet too, boring boring.

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    All Things Bright and Beautiful....Creative Flair Chic

    5 November 2007

    hey Drey! Did you manage by any chance to get to see the house in South Yarra?I love the colours of the first two rugs particularly. Lovely post!

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    26 September 2009

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    6 April 2015

    Hi all, can anyone advise where can I find/ buy / order the Yellow Morrocan? Thanks in advance for your help!


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