Room divider inspiration

Hot pink article in Oprah Magazine

I’ve been looking for artwork for my planned-hot-pink living area. (Might scrap the orange.) Whilst waiting for Hannah to fall asleep (she’s bawling in the next room) I thumbed through my inspiration files and found a hot-pink-exploding-in-your-face article in Oprah at Home.

Hot pink article in Oprah Magazine

Then I noticed the hot pink room divider in the photo below. Easy way of announcing your colour scheme and to capture style and atmosphere

Gorgeous pink divider in an article in Oprah Magazine

I’m inspired! Let’s see if I can score a simple dividing screen off eBay!

12 July 2007



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    11 July 2007

    Hey! That’s my mirrored vanity. Love the divider idea, D. I also loved the K house that you posted. Did some research – it’s really considered an art piece and not cheap at all!

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    11 July 2007

    i know, hence my arm and leg comment. do you know they were selling for almost nothing when it came out?? i called one store here and they were selling it for $100 only! now, your research (and mine too) puts them at about $3500 EACH!yes divider idea is gathering more steam!you have a mirrored vanity? i want one too! they’re so much more affordable in US!

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    11 July 2007

    Hey.. why is the little toots bawling? Like really screaming her head off?-Addie

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    11 July 2007

    cos she is being retrained (yet again) to have naps/sleeps without having mum on/beneath/around her. i go in to check and reassure her every 5 mins.

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    11 July 2007

    LOVE the vanity! Where does one go to purchase one of them (outsite the US)?

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    Another Shade of Grey

    11 July 2007

    Beautiful pink.

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    13 July 2007

    suelyn: Laura Ashley have some mirrored furniture but they’re pricey


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