Ribba and Torenia

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Jul 2 2007
Hannah in the toy tig soft toy basket at IKEA

This Saturday just past, I finally dragged husband out to Ikea (a gruelling hour’s drive due to Ikea planting itself right in perpetually bad traffic area), Richmond, VIC to purchase some simple white frames for the original artwork I scored on Etsy. (Will show soon!) It has been so hard looking for simple clean white photo SQUARE frames anywhere! I’d traisped Target, BigW, Bunnings, Spotlight, Freedom and Lincraft with no luck. The $80 per frame at the local framers was an expense that would have to wait until we struck oil in our backyard.

Hannah in the toy tig soft toy basket at IKEA Hannah in the toy tiger basket at IKEA

Ikea was my best bet. Clearance, year-end sale was on so IKEA was packed with strollers, parents, children etc… but we made it out with our picture frames. I also grabbed a white $7.95 lamp for my desk (only to discover it illuminates very little so I’m reorganising lamps in the house a little… again!).

On the way to pay for our little items, I saw the first real big YELLOW for my study/guest bedroom: the Torenia yellow and black quilt/pillow set! Only $19! Yay.

The IKEA Torenia yellow and white sheets on my bed

Now the room is starting to look “yellow”. On the upside, I now get a $7.95 lamp to do up creatively to have some “yellow” for the bedside table in guest bedroom! And we gotta get back to Ikea to purchase some red $7.95 lamps for master bedroom!

I know now as well where to get a reasonably priced red glossy kitchen! And bathroom cabinets/fittings. Makes purchasing a fixer-upper a little less daunting when the husband is not a handyman!

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