removable wall patterns

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Feb 13 2007
Removable walldecals

i’ve always loved the idea of having a wall decor … i think feature walls should have some feature other than just paint! and if you know me, you know i love quirky!

i love these victorian wallpaper decals from Velocity. Available in cocoa, snow, silver, tangerine, tomato, or mint, these gorgeous-bitties are removable.

French company WallDesign has some really gorgeous looks too. Must bookmark these. Because they are removable, you can make your RENTAL home unique and un-cookie-cutter like! Great hu? This one, you design the decal yourself and there is a wall and colour selector to see the final product!

Wall Tattoos from a funky company, Rockett St George. I love the SCIN Chrysanthemum Wall Tattoo for 39 pounds. (I also love the lace tape!)

Removable walldecals

So many many many things you can do to a room. So many ways to personalise your rental space. So many ways to change the look of your growing child’s bedrooms.

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