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Osborne and Little fabric

I’m finding it a bit hard getting prefab wooden room dividers! (Read about it here.) It’s all about oriental, asian, rosewood, pearl inlay, japanese screens on eBay and online. I have read about building one from 4 hollow core doors but I have neither the space (DIY in winter is horrid) nor the personal-space (read: Hannah) to be wielding a staple gun. And I think getting full sized doors is a bit overkill!

At the other end of this project, finding cool fabric is hard too. Right now, we can’t afford splurging on Osborne & Little fabric, which I lovelovelove and Spotlight don’t do cool. *sigh* Ikea have some cool fabric, but not in hot pink.

Osborne & Little have some really amazing fabric too! (Though I can’t find the one pictured in my previous post on their website.)

Osborne and Little fabric My fav fabric from Osborne and Little

12 July 2007



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    12 July 2007

    Audrey have you thought of prestretched artist’s canvases. Depends on what height you need. Find a discount art supply store. Get 3 or 4 . Piano hinges or a a few narrow regular hinges. Staple gun the fabric over (one or both sides depends on what you see). You can paint them the right pink with house paint, put decals on them, decoupage etc etc. Very thin thickness wise and very light weight. If they fall over they are not going to crush anyone.

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    12 July 2007

    that is a FANTASTIC idea jo! i will investigate immediately :) oooh! i’m all excited now :) shorter ones could do well for a headboard for my yellow bed. thanks!!


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