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Jul 14 2014

Finally. 6 years after buying our first home, moving out and then basically shacking it for 5 of those years, we are on the verge of buying the next one. We are thrilled, terrified of the huge mortgage and relieved not to have to pack and move again for a while. It’s been 9 moves in 14 years. Each one heavier, larger and more expensive than the last.

This time, God has revealed a door that is a direct answer to prayer. This time, God has provided a way to go through that door. This time, husband and I are working in unison. Please pray along with us that the process of buying a house goes without hickups.

By golly, is there sanding, painting, patching holes in my near future. Stay with me as I traverse the simply mind boggling design tasks… like picking white paint!

Onward and forward.

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