Playing around with bak choy

Beautiful bak choy stem offcuts

We have been in Toronto, Canada, for just over a month now. We are truly enjoying ourselves. It’s been a welcome change. We’ve seen snow. We’ve seen chilli and New York fries aka heart attack in a paper bowl.

While cooking today, I grabbed the camera and took a picture of bak choy stem offcuts. I’ve always thought that discarded bak choy stems to be really artful.

Beautiful bak choy stem offcuts

Playtime with chopping boards and sharp knives. I might one day start an art installation using vegetables and fruit. Plenty have done so and captured the innate beauty of veg and fruit.

One day, I might figure out how to make pictures of green roses from these bak choy stem offcuts!

The bak choy stem offcut actually reminds me of the innate pattern of math in nature; the Fibonacci number and golden spiral theory.

7 February 2007
8 February 2007



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    7 February 2007

    hahahaha….. that’s really cool. I never realized how much like roses those stems are.

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    7 February 2007

    ya huh>??? i’d LOVe to preserve some as art objects. (but they’d be brown.)

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    8 February 2007

    So amazing!how did you discover they looked like that?

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    8 February 2007

    erm… i cook bak choy regularly ;)


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