Pink for Pink and Pink for a Cure

Cover of Elle Decoration in pink and pink ribbon for breast cancer

Pink from Pink Mohair and Casapinka has been having a rough time of it lately and I wanted to not make small of what she’s going through by posting some pink images. At the same time, I’d like to remember the women who’ve not made it to their 90s due to insidious breast cancer… the women going through it now, as well as those who work tirelessly to produce a cure for it.

Cover of Elle Decoration in pink and pink ribbon for breast cancer

My cover of Elle Decoration in pink and pink ribbon for breast cancer

I picked up a pink copy of the Elle Decoration UK magazine last week (still only had Aug 2007 issues in Borders!!) and have only now got the time and headspace to post my favourite article for a while now here. Betsey Johnson‘s drama hot pink loft was featured and oh my! If I were single again (cos husband is NOT in favour of this apartment)…

I love this living space. The pink isn’t too overwhelming, I think because of the amount if white-grey on the ceiling, beams and poles. The pendant lighting is also cleverly painted in the same shade. The living area in the foreground of the photo is in shades of white and greys while the other sitting area in the background is in shades of black and hot hot pink. Such a vibrant space.

Betsey Johnson's living room in pinks and pinks and creams

I love the dining area too. The lacquer black table almost becomes a dark pink top from the reflection of the pink wall. Man I love that chandelier. The roundness echoes the round black mirror. The mustard yellow chairs are so surprising and adds so much drama.

Betsey Johnson's dining room in pinks and pinks and mustard dining chairs

The kitchen is of course, in pink. That photo is the least “kitchen photo” I’ve seen for a while.

Betsey Johnson's dining room in pinks and pinks and industrial cabinet

This pink bedroom is so glamourous! Betsey Johnson’s portrait is striking against that pink wall. I think I am starting to like the Arco lamp! Lush pink textures everywhere. Pink ribbed vase, shaggy rug, mid-century Womb chair, ottoman, bedspreads, flowers… all pink but all different shades and textures! Over the top pink but not too out there… I think it’s because the design is grounded by the black cabinets, privacy screen and bed.

Betsey Johnson's bedroom in pinks and pink shaggy rug

4 October 2007
8 October 2007


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