Picture Rails

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Aug 23 2007
Wallpaper above the pic rail

Last weekend, we inspected an “older-style” 3 bedroom, single storey house for rent. It had been updated and the master bedroom boasted THREE sets of French doors and a courtyard. I was sold. So the application went in on Monday, I bought a rug for planned daughter’s room on Tuesday and found out yesterday (Wed) we didn’t get it… so the rug had to be returned. (Yes, yes, it was premature.)

I am disappointed.. didn’t realise how much until the agent called with the bad news.

Anyway. This inspection got me thinking about picture rails (it was everywhere). Most rentals in Australia don’t allow tenants to paint (or hang pictures). This place had light coloured walls from the 80s and dark brown stained picture rails. So they stand out a mile.

Interesting way of hanging artwork off pic rail

‘Course, if you owned such a place, you could do one of a few things. Nicole of Making it Lovely demonstrated a few options with paint/wallpaper above and under the rails different colours.

So I trawled through my files, magazines, blogs-on-left-menu and Flickr for inspiration. I didn’t find many! Here’s what I found:

Nicole from Making it Lovely evidently has picture rails in many rooms too and she has varied her method for hanging, which is nice:

pinklovesbrown on how she uses herpic rail

Martha Stewart makes the fishing line/string an architectural feature:

Beautiful hanging same size of artwork off pic rail

Softening the look by ribbons ala Martha Stewart:

Interesting way of hanging artwork off pic rail

Ignoring the picture rails (using it purely as architecture detail) and playing with paints and wallpaper:

Wallpaper above the pic rail

Wallpaper above the pic rail

I still find them to be messy… maybe we can convince owners to allow us to paint. (Or maybe not.)

Any other ideas/pics?

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