Art in my little daughter's room

so, inspired by my friend casapinka‘s recent bout of posts re: art on her walls i’ve decided to show you some of my work in progress.

some of the hanging is not real elegant… and i’d ask for your pardon, except i have to work within very strict perimeters:

  • 1. we rent, so no nails, no nothing. I’m not sure what the rules are in US, but in Australia very very very few house owners will let renters paint. so i’m stuck with the ingenious 3m removable hooks.
  • 2. some are for hanging at our own space, so are unhung. (when exactly, remains to be seen)

This are the few I designed and/or hung up:


Art print I designed for my home

In the dining area

My art collection in my dining area

Our bedroom

In our bedroom

A watercolour in the living room

The watercolour in our living room

For my little girl’s room

Art in my little daughter's room

It’s a small start.

30 March 2007



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    26 March 2007

    Ooh, I like the dining area ones…Do any of your 3M hooks stick out or are they all cleverly flushed?

  2. Reply


    26 March 2007

    yeah they stick out. :( that’s a real gripe of mine… but then again, they are larger than a nail some!

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    27 March 2007

    Looks just great – Boy, you’ve inspired ME to keep going. It’s kind of fun when you get into it and forget all the nervousness. I like how you propped the art in your little girl’s room.

  4. Reply


    28 March 2007

    it’s propped for photographs… otherwise propped in a pile against the floor with firm NOs everytime she’s withint 15 feet of them hehehehehe

  5. Reply


    28 March 2007

    that was me…


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