Organising: Jewellery

Pretty little bowls used to store jewellery, via Martha Stewart's now defunkt Blueprint

Some of us can pay thousands for a custom designed jewellery organiser/organisation system. But most of us… well. Can’t. But I love seeing some of us have gotten creative with it.

Just some inspiration for organising those sparkling littlies:

Make your earring hanger own, via The Flirty Guide

Make your earring hanger own, via The Flirty Guide

Easy peasy done… take the backs from old gilt dressing table trays and thread wire through at intervals! Picture this sprayed a lovely bright yellow enamel!

The only thing is that this works best if all your earrings are the dangly sort.

Nelson's drawers IKEA hack by Angie, via Design Sponge Online.

Nelson’s drawers IKEA hack by Angie, via Design Sponge Online.

I must say, this one I do like. Inspired by George Nelson‘s drawers, Angie’s hacked Ikea and come up with a really good compromise! One for the projects for me. (I’m a big fan of the George Nelson’s drawers.)

George Nelson's drawers

George Nelson’s drawers

Birdcage earring organiser, via Flickr.

Birdcage earring organiser, via Flickr.

You can get fairly inexpensive birdcages from the dollar store. Vintage ones are sweeter because they’re normally unique.

If you attach one of these birdcages to a lazy susan, it will become an birdcage turntable so you can access your earrings easily.

For those of us who have room in our bedrooms for a dressmaker’s mannequin, this makes a stunning feature.

Pretty little bowls used to store jewellery, via Martha Stewart's now defunkt Blueprint

Pretty little bowls used to store jewellery, via Martha Stewart’s now defunkt Blueprint

Inspired by Decor Amor‘s jewellery organising post, I started a while ago collecting pretty small dishes and nipping from my dinnerware collection some quaint pieces. Have started to use them too. (Master bedroom reveal soon.)

Happy curtains from IKEA for her happy walls

Happy curtains from IKEA for her happy walls

These French-inspired wire frames for holding photos and letters and cards. I got one on impulse (clearance!) a year ago intending to display some cards and photos. I found it bent my precious photos, disappointed, it was abandoned. After I painted and organised Hannah’s room soon after moving, I needed something for Hannah’s growing motley collection of hair pretties, brooches, necklaces and bracelets. Walah!

24 September 2008
30 September 2008



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    26 September 2008

    I love the colourfully ecletic way you organise your stuff, but it is a bit mah fan for some one who has to pack up and move every few months.I’m thinking a tea chest (like a wooden one with a glass lid), and all I’ll need then would be firstly a big enough tea chest to keep all my random baubles, and secondly some kind of ear ring holding/displaying unit that is not me punching holes in a bit of cardboard!Suggestions? :)BTW, what are you guys doing Sat/Sun. Can I come visit? Or are you guys up for some sort of day trip/outing? Call me if you’ve got any ideas.

  2. Reply


    26 September 2008

    Actually in the last 2 minutes I’ve become busy on Saturday. Maybe going to Geelong to visit Tash. Sunday? :)

  3. Reply


    26 September 2008

    suelyn, we’re in sydney… back only on sunday so come over then… but just beware that it will be quite laid back :)ecletic is the best when you have little or no budget ;)if you don’t mind fishing through things, tea chests (hold all’s) are good… otherwise, wall things are great… keeps the stuff off the precious table surfaces :)

  4. Reply

    la la Lovely

    27 September 2008

    i love the tea cup/saucer idea… so pretty!

  5. Reply


    28 September 2008

    Really great ideas. There should be more suggestions out there on how to organize jewelry. I think everyone would appreciate the ideas. Really love the “picture frame” storage photo you have shown above. Looks like it could hold a lot of jewelry and look great also!

  6. Reply


    6 October 2008

    la la lovely: yes so do i…so many other pretty options! which one to choose???? ;Ptonichome: yes the picture frame one is great (esp if you’re in an area that isn’t all that dusty. i keep mine in a closed shadow box… should perhaps blog about that huh??? thanks for commenting!!


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