one corner at a time

After arranging a few things

gone are the beige and shabby chic attempts. the inner me is not beige or white. no longer the attempts at blending with the awful rental-off-white paint.

the first thing i did was got the delivery of my new pink ottoman! i can’t show it here because the surroundings aren’t quite ready to be matched with it.

but i am intending on redoing one corner of my abode one at a time. because of budget things have to be reassigned, and although that means rendering another corner as mismatched as anything, we’ll get there.

this is my first corner.


Before getting to work on the corner


After arranging a few things


Colour coordination… different heights and shapes…

21 April 2007
23 April 2007



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    22 April 2007

    HAHAHA!!!!I was trying to figure out how to nicely tell you to lose the fake flowers, shade etc. I was just staring at it. Then, I say the after and just starting laughing. It looks just super – well done. You’ve given me inspiration to get off my bum and do something.

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    22 April 2007

    hehehe even nursing a sore back and shoulder you are able to bring a corny smile to me! first real smile of the day too! :P fake flowers no go huh??? but fresh ones are so pricey! maybe i’ll just use a dead branch from my tiny strip of a backyard. my roses take ages to spout ONE roses. and it’s already time to trim them for winter!(yes yes, i know fake flowers are a faux pas, but these days they make GREAT ones!)

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    23 April 2007

    i’d like to get that shade recovered pink. any ideas? it’s not straightforward because of that middle bulging bit…

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    Robin Van lent

    4 May 2007

    hey, first timer here.. keep the shade with the green leafs and paint the copper stand white, or the same green as the shade.I think that will look very trendy..

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    5 May 2007

    welcome robin! one thing i DON”T want to look like is “trendy” :P never have (which frustrates the husband) :)but i have been thinking of painting the lamp base either blue or hot pink. see what wins when i have the time! :)come back :)

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    Robin Van lent

    6 May 2007

    this might be a language barrier, but I would consider a blue or pink base equally trendy as a green of white one ;)

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    Another Shade of Grey

    22 May 2007

    I love that lampshade. The whole setup looks a trillion times better…nothing personal about the “before”. :)I have finally fixed your link.Also, I got my Yellena print in the mail yesterday and the real thing is even better than the photo. They are absolutely gorgeous pieces.

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    23 May 2007

    yes that lampshade is from Target :) yeah??? Yellena got my print rerturned to her on account of a simpleton of a postman. she is sending mine out to me again… bloody postie.


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