Ode to Brolly

You are truly gone…

Like the wind…

Who probably took you away from me.

I searched High and Low

I searched the Stations

I called HeadQuarters

I ransacked the Office

Nay, you were still gone.

You served me so well.

You protected me from the scorch of life

You shielded me from the elements

You were so strong, so capable

Brolly where can you be?

How could I be so foolish?

:(( I mourn for my Brolly.

** Brolly is Australian lingo for “UMBRELLA”

30 November 2004
10 February 2005



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    2 February 2005

    Sorry… what is a brolly?!!Addie

  2. Reply


    2 February 2005

    Brolly is “umbrella”… also known to me as “Mr Brolly”

  3. Reply


    3 February 2005

    *laugh* another piece of Aussie speak for you, adeline. you gotta get your butt over here!!! *weep*

  4. Reply


    3 February 2005

    Yeah, I’m realising that I am missing the boat.. jie you leaving sydney for good? I haven’t even been there…. wail… wail…I also learnt that you guys do stuff on the barbie, say helloi, dude…

  5. Reply


    3 February 2005

    Don’t you guys have reliable weather channel in Aussie? We watch ours all the time. In Malaysia it was actually funny to hear how weather can be such an ice breaker – a topic of conversation.. Now… I understand… Really.Addie

  6. Reply


    3 February 2005

    yeah we do… i have a look every morning before i go to work so i can decide to bring Mr Brolly :( now i can’t anymore. but i nicked a golf Olympic umbrella from someone who’s resigned!! :))

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    4 February 2005

    Erm, We tend to say “G’day Mate”, though Helloi would be about right too.-Andrew

  8. Reply


    4 February 2005

    ooo… and soy? (so?) it can get quite funny.

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    4 February 2005

    Jie, u write poetry? Cool.. anymore? Drew, do you have a blogger too? I’d really like to visit Australia. I think that when it is meant to be it will happen. I sometimes think that I’m this little hamster that is constantly in motion.. running and guess what? God’s stepping on my tail.. but once he lets me go.. here I come full speed and all. Looking forward to a family reunion. Btw, do you guys all check each other blogs?

  10. Reply


    4 February 2005

    yeah many people i found start from my blog and then move on to other blogs… like a daily journey.no i don’t write poetry … I LOST MY BELOVED UMBRELLA!!! PEOPLE THIS IS WHAT IT’S ABOUT, NOT AUSSIE LANGUAGE!!!! I’M MOURNING A LOST LOVED ONE!! :P

  11. Reply


    9 February 2005

    A blog? No. While I’ve journaled privately a couple of times, it’s not anything I would let someone read. Besides, it’s too inconsistent. I would update and then leave it for months, by which time, people have stopped checking for updates.


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