New Week & Maple Leaves

My mother in law presented me with these happy hot pink gerberas and it goes so happily with my polkadot dining table runner, a welcome sight for winter times!

My spotty table runner with happy watermelon gerberas.

My spotty table runner with happy watermelon gerberas.

I spent this morning while baby slept doing a little gardening. This rental was full of weeds when we got here and 2 months in, I am keen to rid the gardens of noxious asparagus ferns and overgrown daisies.

But the worse of it are the piles of autumn liquid amber leaves strewn everywhere. (We have about 5 liquid amber maple trees surrounding our property.)

Apart from gathering them and every week filling the bin with the leaves, I started thinking if they were at all good mulch.

Turns out, they are! Mow the leaves into your lawn (the leaves full sized don’t break down for a long time) and garden beds and you get instant nutrient rich mulch.

Of course, unlike the photo above, the area where the leaves drop is mostly courtyard with awful 70s tiny-pebbled-cemented in material, so it becomes green with mold with the lack of direct sunlight and good drainage. And then when the leaves break down, it’s just a sad sad area.

We have to invest in a blower-vac machine. Another weekend project for the hubby and I.

And this week, we are down asparagus weed bushes by 40%. Not bad for 2 hours gardening :)



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    31 July 2013

    Ah, I can't wait for Fall… the woodsy smells, the baking, and the leaves! Your jeweled piles are splendid! Also, I love that oh-so-happy runner…

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    5 August 2013

    Hi Sonia, yes they were jeweled toned and beautiful for a few days. Then it rained for a week, turning the jewels into a brown, sodden mat :/Yes my runner makes me happy :)


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