New bed… new bedlinen!

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Nov 3 2012

How old is your mattress?

Our current mattress is around 9 years old, i.e., nearly at its end-of-guarantee period. And it shows. It has started to sag and no longer provides us the support and comfort that it used to. A mere 2 years ago, we were still singing its praises and looking forward to being able to slide between the sheets for a night of healing slumber.

I’m also nearly 12 weeks pregnant. Meaning a good night’s sleep is paramount to my (and husband’s) sanity and a supportive mattress can really aid that.

So I have been complaining about the discomfort of the mattress. Last weekend, we went to Domayne in order to browse our choices in beds. We had talked about getting a king bed this time as with a growing daughter and another addition, space in our queen bed was at a premium, with children winning!

(No, we don’t promote co-sleeping, but early morning cuddles in mummy and daddy’s bed are of grave importance to Hannah!)

To my husband’s growing panic, we went to Domayne on the one day that they were having a “buy any size of bed and pay for the price of a SINGLE BED” sale. So we ended up purchasing a king mattress with a upholstered bed-frame but paying for the price of a single bed! SCORE!

Now, to the important task at hand:

Shopping for king sized bedlinen!

I have long wanted yellow and white bedlinen so I went a-online-hunting.

Pattern too bold?

Family blogs on Babble has a user who posted the Marimekko bedding in yellow and white which I do like:

The Marimekko Madison bedding in yellow

The Marimekko Madison bedding in yellow

Other contenders:

Neiman Marcus carries Trina Turk's Ikat bedding

Neiman Marcus carries Trina Turk’s Ikat bedding

Custom yellow, black and white bedding from Etsy seller Myvera Linen

Custom yellow, black and white bedding from Etsy seller Myvera Linen

Decisions, availability and cost…. hmm?

Hope my mattress comes sooner rather than later. Delivery changed from “two weeks” to “hopefully before Christmas”…

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