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I was asked to think about my experience when buying paint by someone who is working to raise the level of a popular paint brandname from being just one of the many paint providers to a leading brand name. I would appreciate help from those of my readers who live, eat and sleep interior design and who work with paint all the time.

paint can

To be specific, this client is wanting to raise the level of the store experience. What would really help distinguish one paint brand from another? What services would a painter love to see?

Personally, I’d love to see free sample tins given out. Maybe having a try-out-the-paint-on-our-white-wall (made up of recyclable wall blocks) at the store?

Can you help brainstorm to make this paint brandname answer OUR needs??




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    30 April 2007

    Also… is choosing paint more emotive (the emotions that the colour evoke) – or is it more.. functional? Like.. paint that you can wipe stuff off, finishes, etc? Do you find colour swatches overwhelming? Do you find it overwhelming to walk into a store full of paint, and what helps you choose one brand over another?Really appreciate all your feedback:)

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    1 May 2007

    Love that color! I have two suggestions that are from experience in buying waaaaaay too much wrong paint.1. Good lighting. I swear, buying paint is like going to an Estee Lauder counter – terrible lighting!! I once saw a little consol with simulated sunlight, incandescent light and fluorescent light.2. Photos of rooms painting in the different colors. Full rooms!3. Not free samples because I think the company would lose money, but little 5 or 6 dollar samples that mean you don’t need to buy a whole pint. Better on the environment, better on the pricetag.

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    1 May 2007

    So.. full room set pictures still resound with you? (considering every other paint company does room sets)

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    2 May 2007

    hey, talking about free sample tins, did you get the email I forward you offering TWO free sample pots of paint? annie

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    2 May 2007

    >Maybe having a try-out-the-paint-on-our-white-wallI think thats a great idea. Could maybe pitch it at kids to start with, provide them with those protective aprons that they get in schools and let them paint away. I think it would be great fun for the kids and would help the adults choose. Of course if the kids were anything like mine the adults wouldn’t be involved in the decision at all :)


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