Nancy Corzine Style

Nancy Corzine's bedroom with large mirrored folding screen

I revisited the NYSD website after a few months and looking through the House archives, I found Nancy Corzine’s gorgeous over-the-top master bedroom.

Nancy Corzine's bedroom with glamourous mirrored 4 poster bed

What with the diamond chip drawing of Grace Kelly gracing the silver lacquered long sideboard drawers, and the mirror-and-Chrysler-building four poster bed and the fully mirrored divider screen… this is a glamour-filled space!

Nany Corzine's bedroom with diamond chip Grace Kelly art piece

Oooh. It’s a good thing that the redoubtable furniture and textile designer is beautiful and slim! All those mirrored surfaces!

Nancy Corzine's bedroom with large mirrored folding screen

Her whole space speaks of glamourous style and a penchant for large living. Glamour in spades. I’m not overly drawn to it because I prefer my spaces warm and inviting. But I had to post these images because they are truly chic living.



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    29 June 2007

    Could you imagine CLEANING that room. So many glassy surfaces. You’d need shares in the Windex company.You need a health warning Drey, “No insurance payouts for retinal damage sustained by looking directly at the blog.” :P

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    29 June 2007

    Nothing wrong with a bit OTT. And howsabout that diamond chip Grace Kelly – gotta love that!

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    29 June 2007

    Oh, the blog color! I experiment with mine as well bec. I really want a black background. I can never make it look right on Typepad, though.

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    30 June 2007

    hahahahaha i LOVE that yellow :) will stick with it for a bit.mohairpink: the yellow isn’t too much? just a note on your black choice…. black background for white text is possibly the worst colour for webpages (which I studied at uni). it strains the eyes and people have to focus twice as hard to read the white text. but strangely enough, a grey background for white text is the best colour choice!yeah that diamond chip Grace Kelly is… as original as one gets!

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    1 October 2008

    I want that bed…where do you buy it?

  6. Reply


    2 October 2008

    hi thanks for commenting on my blog! it’s actually a Nancy Corzine product. Nice to see her own stuff in her own house!Pretty bed huh?! Pretty dollar too!

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    forrestina vintage

    30 July 2009

    very classy…not my personal style but it's lovely none-the-less. and, no, I would'nt want to clean that room either, haha!

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    31 July 2009

    forrestina: it's lovely but way way to needy for me, in terms of cleaning! all that glass/mirror finish!


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