My score this weekend

We had a lazy Saturday and I visited the two charity shops here (try to visit about every 1.5 weeks)…

Here’s what I scored:

My thrifted Saturday treasures

My thrifted Saturday treasures

Bargello (Yay Kim, yes another one!) for $4.75

Opaline jar (no lid): $0.50

Marie Claire grey ramekins x 6: $1.00

I kinda do like the zany-ness of the Bargellos and I already have one pillow which I lovelovelove, see below:

My first bargello pillow in greens, whites and pinks in our living room

My first bargello pillow in greens, whites and pinks in our living room

You know how you might be casually and reasonably browsing/reading a book or magazine… then your heartbeat quickens, adrenaline pumps through your body and suddenly your mind is salivating clamouring over an image/idea: I MUST HAVE/DO THAT?

Image scanned from The Shabby Chic Home, Rachel Ashwell.

Well. I do (regularly)… but one such moment was when I saw Rachel Ashwell’s blue opaline jar collection in The Shabby Chic Home, pg 36, 46.

Image scanned from The Shabby Chic Home, Rachel Ashwell.

The brilliant blue glass captivates the light and your eye so well. A collection of these near a great light source could really brighten up a plain space. Great for window sills that have the great luck of facing the northern sun.

Now I have the first! (Not as great quality)

I also saw a GORGEOUS birch maple art deco dining table and chair set similar to this for (only) $800 and really really want to replace our dining table/chairs with it but the husband thinks it’s the ugliest thing in the world. (I would have too, 2 years ago… before I realised that “style” had nothing to do with “trends” and “trends” had nothing to do with “good style”.)

(Despite the other besotted lady (she sat at the dining table with me for 15 mins) informing the ignoramus husband that similar ones were seen at the Art Deco Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.) *sigh*

I guess I have my Bargello and Opaline …

26 October 2008
29 October 2008



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    27 October 2008

    Beautiful finds!I find myself having similar conversations with my husband when we visit charity shops. We now laugh about it and find ourselves jokingly gushing over that chair with the missing legs or the ugly laminate cabinet. Over the weekend he “fell in love” with a fridge that didn’t work – “Can you imagine the possibilities!”.No dear.. I can’t. Hehe… hope you had fun :)

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    27 October 2008

    the grey ramekins looks like a treasure!

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    28 October 2008

    Good hunting :)

  4. Reply

    Ashley L.

    29 October 2008

    what treasures! oh how i wish i had time to do this! :)

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    Jennifer Ramos

    9 November 2008

    Those pillows are really cute!Jen Ramos'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'


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