My Orangina Jasmine

Orange and pink flowers on white background

Blue in the living room, green in the master bedroom.

For 13 month old Jasmine-Anita, it’s ORANGE, PINK and RED. In all its happy, vivacious combined glory. It’s a happy, alive combo and Jasmine-Anita is all that in abundance. Her room already has plenty of reds. Just need to paint most walls white and then one wall in that happy combo will make me happy!

Like this image:

Go see more beautiful orange, pink and red inspiration via Pinterest.

My wallpaper search for Jasmine-Anita’s room

I was instantly smitten by this image, which provided the inspiration to go orange and white in Jasmine-Anita’s room:

No the model isn’t the inspiration. I hardly notice the model in my smitten-ness for that wallpaper!

But I’ve had a bugger of a time pinpointing the exact wallpaper.

However, I did find these rather similar images on Magnolia Rouge:

But have a look at the ‘wallpaper’ behind the model!

Damn! No wonder the flowers looked so real, complete with tape, in the second image at the top!

Anyway, back to the one that is actual wallpaper. Does anyone know where I can get the wallpaper at the top?
Now that I stare and stare at the image, that also looks too real to be a wallpaper. Maybe that’s also real flowers stuck to a white wall.

I have found a few more orange wallpapers but nothing beats that one above!

Other strong orange wallpaper options:

the Floral Trail Wallpaper via Total Wall Covering

the Floral Trail Wallpaper via Total Wall Covering

Gracie wallpaper, via Tory Burch

Gracie wallpaper, via Tory Burch

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Vintage, I think… too bad. I love this.

A Julia Rothman wallpaper, via Hygge & West

A Julia Rothman wallpaper, via Hygge & West

I really really want that orange, pink and red flowers on white background above as wallpaper. Does anyone know what/where I can get that??

1 August 2014



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