My Nicola and her friends

I wrote about my eBay score nearly two months to the date… the gorgeous Nicola by Shabner.

Nicola amongst some other pretty things, via Decor8.

Nicola amongst some other pretty things, via Decor8.

Today I realised I hadn’t updated you on where it now hangs! Holly from Decor8 posted a pic from London store, Etoile Home where the Shani has photographed her gorgeous vintage and new wares. I spy a Nicola there!

My Nicola installed in the famiy room/study area in our new home

My Nicola installed in the family room/study area in our new home

She now graces my fireplace. I’m looking for smaller, similar artwork… maybe some vintage brown and black prints…

(Fireplace to be painted crisp white or yellow soon).

3 November 2008
10 November 2008



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    7 November 2008

    I think you should leave it black. It really goes nicely with the decor in your room and matches your book case

  2. Reply


    7 November 2008

    oh i meant the brown area :Pbookcase will be white too… :) (with the walls)

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    The Shopping Sherpa

    10 November 2008

    I’d add a dark brown or black vase to the collection on the mantel to tie the picture in a bit more :-)

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    10 November 2008

    good idea! i will hunt around for one… don’t have any as yet Ssherpa!thanks for your suggestion!!


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