My new Tacklehug® doll

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Nov 22 2010
Milly, my new Tacklehug®
Milly, my new Tacklehug®

Milly, my new Tacklehug®

My husband runs the coffee cart at the local farmers market held here once a month and because I’m the official baby sitter, I get to spend hours there. I do my rounds around the market and believe me it’s hard to keep my pennies in my pocket.

But this time I got to spend AUD$35 on Milly.

Milly’s my new Tacklehug® doll. I don’t normally like dolls. I find them creepy, particularly the real-looking-dolls. But this doll was charming, un-scary-whatsoever (and that’s saying a lot!) and utterly enchanting.

Meet Milly:

Milly, my new Tacklehug®, on queen bed

Milly, my new Tacklehug®, on queen bed

Let’s be clear. Milly’s not for play. It’s for me. To grace my bed.

I did a Google search for Tacklehug® and I found her blog!!

So now I can happily share with you her ETSY SHOP!!! No tacklehug dolls yet but I can start pestering her!

Meet Milayna and Sydney:

Milayna's doll, by Tacklehug®

Milayna’s doll, by Tacklehug®

Esp since my daughter loves my Milly, I might have to buy her one of her own! At only $35, it’s a great Christmas present for your loved ones! Contact Tacklehug® via her Etsy store… I know she doesn’t have her dolls on her Etsy store, but trust me, I met three or four of her other creations!

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