My new babies!

Okay, so I’ll divulge. About 90% of the furniture in our home is second hand. Our sofas, Ikea Granemo cabinet, Ikea highchair, TV sideboard, our queen size bed (now the guest bed) are the only items purchased brand new!

Now we have the fifth! And largest! We scored a beautiful and large china cabinet at the clearance store of Provincial Home Living for only 1/3 of the retail price.

Our Provincial Home Living china cabinet purchase

Our Provincial Home Living china cabinet purchase

I love it! At the moment in our spacious home, it only stores what I like to display. But if we move into a smaller premise (which might be the case soon), this will become our bookcase, linen closet and china cabinet. (Which was my excuse for getting it!)

The last two shelves are filled with my now complete Johnson Bros dinner & coffee setting! Scored a large pile of it on eBay for $20 two weeks ago. If I’d found the same in an antiques store, the price tag would have been more than $200! So, thanks, Mrs Ebay-Person!

My Heritage White Johnson Bros set

My Heritage White Johnson Bros set

Before today, my collection stands at:

At last count:
Dinner plate: 6
Breakfast bowl: 3
Tea cup: 7
Saucer: 10
Dessert plate: 4
Bread and butter plate: 8 yay!
Milk creamer: 1


Dinner plates: 13
Soup/pasta plates: 8
Breakfast bowls: 11
Tea cup: 14
Saucer: 22
Dessert plate: 4
Bread and butter plate: 18
Milk creamer: 1
Salt and pepper shaker: 1 set
Sugar bowl: 1

Now I have the china cabinet item ticked off… along with my good china set ticked off!! :)

What have you recently ticked off your list?

15 February 2009



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    18 February 2009

    How pretty! – particularly that awesome cabinet!

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    18 February 2009

    That’s a gorgeous piece.

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    19 February 2009

    leah: i know, i keep touching it!claire: thanks :)

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    9 August 2010

    i love those cabinets! where is the clearance store?


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