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My mother in law bought this sweet vintage framed print for my birthday a few years ago and while it’s just a print and nothing spectacular, it’s remained one of my favourites. She scored it at a thrift store, so would not have paid more than $15 for it.


My cherished print, James Noble's Apple Blossom in a vase

My cherished print, James Noble’s Apple Blossom in a vase

It’s by James Noble. [James Noble was a painter born in Britain, 1919. Most of his work is still life floral and fruit. Noble died in 1989 and his works are still very sought after and fetch a pretty penny.]

After much research I discovered it’s called the Apple Blossom.

I clean it very gently (and all my other paintings) every year with a damp, clean cotton rag. But because it’s not an oil, using a slice of bread hasn’t done much for the vibrancy of the colours. Apart from the first time I cleaned it, the colours are as vibrant as it’s going to ever get.

Others online:

Notice anything different?

Mine is very muted! Almost looks like two different artworks by two different artists!

I actually kinda like the faded, mutedness of the print. It gives a certain feeling to the print… I normally like bright, vibrant artwork, but for this, it seems perfect.

But the vibrant one is also very attractive!

My Apple Blossom hangs solo on a wall with very odd picture hook placements (it’s a rental, sigh.)… and I’ve been thinking of getting it a friend. I’m quite liking James Noble’s “>Magnolia too! Similar look… includes the pretty blossoms and all in a simple oriental blue & white vase.

Magnolia, by James Noble, via Art Value

Magnolia, by James Noble, via Art Value

I loved Apple Blossom because it’s got only one type of flower (as opposed to a still life with many different flowers in the one vase). And the simplicity of the blue and white oriental vase. I like that the vase isn’t terribly expensive either, as if just grabbed from nonna’s dresser or kitchen ledge.

There are a few others with one type of flower and blue & white vase, but I’m not as drawn to the single flower either… like the pink rose above or the yellow rose below:

Yellow rose, by James Noble, via Art Value

Yellow rose, by James Noble, via Art Value

But maybe a muted version? Heh.

And maybe cheaper than 400-600GBP!

Maybe I’ll find it in an Op Shop one day.

Check out James Noble’s many other works here.

27 October 2013



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