My beautiful white opal

My beautiful vintage white opal pendant

I blogged a few weeks ago about returning from a short break Sydney to the in laws in Sydney with some goodies. I’m still reading one of those goodies, book on jewels I got from a junk bookshop on the drive home.

Thrifted: a book on Jewels

Thrifted: a book on Jewels

Such a wonderful insight into the history, cultural significance and formation of jewels. In a way I can’t explain, it makes me feel good me that the author, Victoria Finlay, gives Diamonds the last chapter, rather than the first. But I digress…

The interesting read allows me to appreciate the few pieces I have. Here I share one…

My beautiful vintage white opal pendant

My beautiful vintage white opal pendant

This was mum’s. She has a knack for losing jewellery (I once found her wedding ring in the drain outside the house next to a frog – slipped off while hand washing clothes) so I think this became mine for fear of her losing this gorgeous piece. I think it is from the 70s. Could be the early 80s.

Most opals are blue or green… black being the most precious. Mine is white with twinkling lights. This has a thousand different looks to it, encased in a delicate filigree of antique silver and marcasite. The twinkling blazing lights have always drawn me in and this remains one of my favourite pieces.

I love my one Opal!

21 April 2008
2 May 2008



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