Gorgeous bedroom in black, white and yellows

Caravan used for pop up shop

I don’t often share about my own personal life (although I do share with you most parts of my home and design process!) but I’ve been waiting for the “right” time to talk about some changes in my personal life… but I guess now’s a good time as any!

Hope you enjoy a few of my inspirations and favs while I divulge this news.

Beautiful sunny room with yellow and white window trim and yellow strip at the top

Beautiful sunny room with yellow and white window trim and yellow strip at the top

For a while now, my husband and I have been re-evaluating how we’re going in terms of our personal goals, fulfilling dreams… Andrew’s been given an awesome opportunity to begin the work to fulfilling one of his dreams… and support for when we start trying for Hannah’s little bro or sis. So we’re making the very big move to fulfill them!

So late next month (January 2010), we’re packing up and renting out our first home. We are moving 5000 kms away. We’re returning (we were there 2002-2004) to the Blue Mountains, NSW to live with my in laws for a while, at least for the next year or so.

Large yellow barn door into a bathroom, via Southern Living

via Southern Living

We’re excited, but also very nervous about it, since neither of us like uncertainty. For me personally, I need to be in my own home, always have… when we finally bought in 2008, it was a huge emotional weight off my heart (despite the mortgage). So for me, it’s a big step just to leave this home.

Gorgeous bedroom in black, white and yellows

Gorgeous bedroom in black, white and yellows

We’re giving up heaps of space, freedom, to now live uncertainly for the next few years… I have grown to deeply love my first home… and leaving is bittersweet. There is still so much I want to achieve here. So much more I need to paint.

Black and white foyer with yellow stairwell. Glorious!

Black and white foyer with yellow stairwell. Glorious!

So I won’t have my own home to paint or knock nails into my home, but hopefully you’ll keep on reading this blog, as my husband and I (and little Hannah) embark on a journey to fulfill some of our dreams, and work towards owning another plot of My Own, maybe in the Blue Mountains…

8 December 2009
12 December 2009



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    9 December 2009

    I wish you much luck. Sorry that you have to leave your home that you love. :( Hopefully you can make one room at the in-laws Yellow, Black & White. ;)

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    10 December 2009

    good luck good luck!!may your dreams come true in the bestest ways possible :):) p a t t

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    10 December 2009

    All the best for the future, where-ever it may take you. What a better reason than chasing your dreams, to make some small scrafices. The house will be waiting for you, when you return with your inspirational plans and the money to make them come to life…

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    18 December 2009

    Are these pictures of your house? I LOVE the design. I wouldn't want to leave it either, but you'll have future opportunities to create some other fabulous spaces.

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    18 December 2009

    thanks lilach :)so sweet of you… yes i so want that to be true… living in a home that beautiful!footnote1.. no, i WISH! just my favourite photos of black and white and yellow!!


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