Dreamy nursery with butterflies and curtains

It’s incredible how i have plans for each of the major rooms that all require the same amount of attention all with the same level of priority. All at once, all right now.

My fav nursery is light, bright and yet sharp with reds and florals. But the below nurseries/children’s room all have their oomph factor in my design books.

Orange happy nursery with two single beds

I love the above one because of the uninhibited use of bright orange. The feel is totally young and joyful. A celebration of youth, freedom and strength. I somehow link bold orange with strength… I love the playful plaques on the wall and the bright floral bedspreads.

Blue, green, white and chocolate nursery

Now this one has a very different feel with the below blue green and chocolate. Not as playful but very colourful in a serene way. My brother in law has agreed to do those ceiling floating wood bits if I so fancy!! Nice use of the large squares on the wall. Creates a feel of many “shelves” that one can put different photos/pictures without making it feel too uncoordinated.

Casapinka has just posted this dreamy butterfly and blue nursery which I am seriously considering with looking for some butterfly gauzy material and red tones instead.

Dreamy nursery with butterflies and curtains

I am sure that Hannah will love the feel of a cocooned bed but also a fairy feel one. And this has it in spades, does it not?

Nursery with shiny red dresser and bed.

I am also loving this red cabinet that Casapinka has also just posted. So lush and rich and strong and playful!

Bright glossy painted furniture always brightens up the room. Instant personality. Instant happiness. It’s not hard to inject bright glossy painted furniture in any space…

I will also be incorporating a sweet reading nook for my girl as I’m determined to create a comfortable corner for her books, seat and lamp!

A reading nook in a child's bedroom

I think it’s so sweet an idea. Have you got an empty space behind your door? A empty space between cupboard and door? Install a pretty lamp, a happy beanbag and some shelving and you will be making a young reader very happy!

14 April 2007



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