Monkey see, Monkey Lamp!

Lilu Monkey Lamp by CB2, after some revamping by I Spy DIY

An idea hit me today that I would LOVE to install in Jasmine-Anita’s room. I’d like to line small white animal lamps with identical red lampshades on a deep picture-rail-height ledge.

Have you noticed that there’s been a plethora of animal lamps in the market of late?

Animal lamps

Animal lamps

I think my fave is the fox. My least fave is the black pitbull doing a dump.

But since each animal I’ve seen in Australian stores is about AUD$150 each, I’ll settle for one lamp. And I’ve been thinking the best animal to reflect Jasmine-Anita is a monkey lamp. As she turns 1, her personality is more evident. The girl is going to be one cheeky girl! She gets this mischievous-cheeky-what-can-I-get-my-hands-on-next look that is so gorgeous to see (of course, I can say that because she isn’t walking yet!).

There are some gorgeous monkey lamps around:

Some Monkey lamps, Part 1

1. Circa Who, 2. Uncommon Goods, 3. Luli table lamp, CB2 via A Beautiful Mess and I Spy DIY, 4. via Kenny Ball Antiques, 5. via Tuderhoff, 6. vintage piece on eBay, 7. via Live Auctioneers (not a fan of the teeth!)

Some Monkey lamps, Part 2

8. via 1st Dibs, 9. via 1st Dibs, 10. via Live Auctioneers, 11. via Sheryl’s Art Deco, 12. via One Kings Lane

My favourite of the above is No. 3. Crate and Barrel now ship to Australia but with electrical items, you’ve got to be so careful.

Oh to find a vintage monkey lamp one of these days!

Failing a monkey lamp (which I haven’t been able to find in Australia), the fox lamp could be cute too…

21 May 2014
22 May 2014



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